conference fields dates submission deadline place
Cosyne computational neuroscience with different applications and on varying levels of description, offspring of NIPS 28.02.-05.03.2013 16.11. (abstract) Salt Lake City
HBM A lovely conference which one has to go to as a neuroimager. Focus on experiments but computational modellers (in neuroimaging) also go there. 16.06-20.06.2013 10.01.2013 (abs) Seattle
CNS annual meeting of the society for computational neuroscience 13.07.-18.07.2013 16.02. (abstract) Paris
UAI representation, inference, learning and decision making in the presence of uncertainty within the field of Artificial Intelligence 11.07.-15.07.2013 01.03. (paper) Bellevue
ICANN International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, neural networks, learning systems, computational intelligence, and real-world applications 10.09.-13.09.2013 15.03. (paper) Sofia
SBDM Symposium on Biology of Decision Making, Neuro-Physiology, Neuro-Systems, Neuro-Computations and Decision-Theory (Economics and Ethology) 29.05.-30.05.2013 28.04. (poster) Paris
BCCN computational neuroscience, neurotechnology 24.09.-27.09.2013 31.05. (abs) Tübingen
RLDM Multidisciplinary Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making 25.10.-27.10.2013 ?? Princeton


conference fields dates submission deadline place
ICCNS cognitive and neural systems, emulating biological intelligence, controlling behaviour, adaptation to a changing world 30.05.-01.06.2012 31.01.2012 (abs) Boston
ICML machine learning, applications, computer science, quite large 26.06.-01.07.2012 24.02.2012 (paper) Edinburgh
CONAS agents and architectures, non-autonomous dynamical systems, information theory, hierarchies, neural dynamics 29.03.-30.03.2012 04.03.2012 (3-p. abs) Lyon
AREADNE Focus on experiments and cognitive functions but at multiple scales and connection to computational modelling. Good list of speakers and nice setting. 21.06.-24.06.2012 28.03.2012 (abs) Santorini
CCS chaos and nonlinear dynamics, complex networks, synchronization, complexity in physics, chemistry, biology and geology 29.04.-02.05.2012 30.03. (abs) 01.06. (paper) Antalya
OCCAM neural coding, hierarchy, dynamics, probabilistic inference, information processing in the brain 04.06.-06.06.2012 23.04. (abs) Osnabrück
SCNE sensory coding, sensory processing in the context of goal-directed behaviour 09.09.-12.09.2012 01.05. (abs) Klosterneuburg
NIPS neural information processing systems, machine learning with emphasis on probabilistic models 03.12.-08.12.2012 01.06. (paper) Lake Tahoe